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Hyve House is a boutique cabin hotel, nestled away in nature. A space full of comfort and stillness for you to rejuvenate and revive in it’s tranquil atmosphere


Hyve House is a tiny boutique hotel with 5 cabins, located in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of South Africa.

Our cabins are built with natural materials and have a cosy yet contemporary and natural look & feel. Hyve House is a place to retreat and rejuvenate, an oasis of tranquility where you can disconnect to reconnect.

The design cabins of Hyve House are a mix of high-end aesthetics and natural simplicity, nestled away in a peaceful and beautiful landscape. Come and experience relaxation and renewal during your stay with us.

South Africa

The initial five Hyve House cabins are nestled within the picturesque Vrede & Lust wine farm, a short drive from Cape Town and just beyond Sir Lowry’s Pass. As you traverse this scenic mountain route, breathtaking vistas foreshadow the beauty awaiting you at your ultimate destination.

Surrounded by an abundance of restaurants, hiking trails, beaches, and numerous other attractions, Hyve House South Africa offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable nature retreat.