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The Cabins

The Cabins

An oasis of tranquility in the heart of nature

The Cabins

Hyve House is designed to offer a revitalizing nature retreat steeped in both comfort and serenity. Each Hyve House cabin boasts the same exquisite wood and natural stone finishes, while the addition of pre-loved designer items and vintage furniture lends a distinctive character to each cabin.

Every cabin is thoughtfully equipped with a fireplace and a wood-fired hot tub, inviting you to bask in the ultimate cocoon of warmth and relaxation. Inside, you’ll find a queen-size bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, a cozy living area, and expansive sliding doors that lead to your private outdoor seating area.


All cabins are built using sustainable and where possible with local materials. Our interiors are crafted locally and made from natural materials such as wood and stone. Each space is styled with vintage finds and pre-loved designer items, making each cabin one of a kind.

1% of our profits go to local and global reforestation projects, making the earth a little greener with each stay at Hyve House.